DAY 27:You Came For Christmas

BY: Angela Johnson

 Born of a virgin, God’s Son became man
 You came down from Heaven, knowing His plan
 Swaddled in cloth, laid in a manger
 You came to save souls, facing evil and danger
 Hunted, reviled, and hated by most
 You came with complete, love-covering hope
 Prophets proclaimed Your arrival, long ago
 You came to fulfill promise, save every lost soul
 Grateful You gave Your life in my place
 You came to reconcile sinners to grace
 Forgiven, You rescued a wretch like me
 You came to set all captives free
 Profound love reaching out - my heart it takes hold
 Daily, I watch Your mercy unfold
 Today we honor You, Christ our King
 Today we celebrate the joy You bring 

 Today we move beyond fear and doubt
 Today we answer the call to step out
 We must bring our Savior to the dying and lost
 Testify of Your goodness, no matter the cost
 To family, friends, and neighbors down the street
 Spread the Love of Christ to all we meet
 Send a letter here, a message there
 Don’t miss the small nudges for you to share
 Christmas is more than the gifts we receive
 It’s all about Jesus, in Him we believe
 Pause to unwrap each gift that’s been given
 Thanking God for His Son — He has risen!
 Next week before the New Year begins
 Share the love that’s freed you from sin
 As we start a new year full of unknowns
 Remember we never face anything alone 

 Immanuel, He is God with us
 He is our anchor, In Him we place all our trust 

Let’s Pray:

“Father, we thank You for the gift of Your Son. Today, we prepare room for You in our hearts and minds.  We invite you to be Lord of our lives. We thank You for coming to Earth to die on the cross for our sins, so that all who believe in Your name might experience unconditional love.  Knowing You brings hope in every season, peace every day, and joy in every situation.  We love You, we honor You, we praise Your holy name.  Amen!”

Merry Christmas!!


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