“My heart is stirred by a noble theme as I recite my verses for the king; my tongue is the pen of a skillful writer.”

Psalm 45:1

Rejection, a Formidable Foe

Like me, you’re probably all too familiar with her. Maybe you’ve been looked over for a job, or your spouse left you for another. Or maybe your experience began before you left the womb — born to a mother or father who didn’t want you. Regardless of how she introduces herself to you, we all experience the pain she inflicts.

Rejection may be a formidable foe, but she does not have to be the victor. Although we may be left with battle scars, these healed wounds are not without purpose.

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Lent: A Season for Sacrifice, Repentance & Prayer

As Christians, we honor the journey that Jesus took to the cross by celebrating Lent, a period of forty days beginning today, “Ash Wednesday” and ending on Easter Sunday. We know that Jesus triumphed over death through His resurrection, but He endured great sorrow and suffering as He willfully gave His life away on the cross.

This Easter season, let’s begin a journey of change…to prepare, focus, and reflect on the ultimate sacrifice that Jesus gave — His life.

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The Tree Kite

Every time I see her, it reminds me that soaring high with ideas and dreams is a good thing, but it cannot be done without caution.

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He Sees Me

Heather’s story is a living example that we don’t have to stumble in the dark any longer. God sees us. He knows us. He hears us. He will be our guide. We just have to give Him permission to lead. Because when we do, we will find our eternal HOPE!

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For This Child I Prayed

To know Angela is to call her friend. But to meet her for the first time, you’d never know the struggles she endured — specifically, her journey to motherhood. She is an encouraging example of maintaining HOPE in the Lord — while in the midst of seasons of uncertainty.

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We Have a Choice — Chose Hope

Our world is desperate for hope. But what is hope? It is the expectation of what is certain. When we have hope, we actively wait for God’s fulfillment of the promises that He has given us. We do not have to remain victims to circumstance, chance, or coincidence. We have a choice. We can choose HOPE.

As we begin this new year, join fellow Warrior Raisers as they share their stories of profound hope fulfilled.

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DAY 3: Promise Keeper

Right now, in this moment, our generation has the responsibility and privilege to allow the blessings and promises of God to flow through us. Today, we are the history-makers. In this Christmas season and always, we can have hope. YOU can have hope!

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DAY 1: Anchored Hope

Our world is full of the unknown. People are more uncertain of the future than ever before. Worry and doubt consume our thoughts. We are like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind (James 1:5). So what can secure us in the midst of life’s storms? An anchor.

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Prepare Him Room

Join me and three of my fellow Warrior Raisers and writer friends as we journey through the Advent Season to Prepare Him Room! In this 4-week advent devotional, you’ll be challenged to discover the meaning of Christmas in new ways! I am excited to begin!

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Golden Repair

We all carry the scars of our past. The challenge is taking those scars and not hiding them. When we can be fully restored, healed, and made whole — our scars can be illuminated to give God glory.

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Grownup Friends

Making (and keeping) treasured friends as an adult can be challenging…especially when you’ve experienced pain in relationships. With honest reflection, I share a moment of bravery to make a grownup friend.

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Life Lessons from a Feisty 4-year-old

Life Lessons from a Feisty 4-year-old. In my latest blog I share how I’ve been consumed with worry and fear for my child; unable to see the absolute beauty in her recent diagnosis.
I was unable to see her own beautiful acceptance of the way God made her.

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Surrounded, Yet Alone

Mark 5:21-34 is one of the most beautiful pictures that Scripture gives us when it comes to being surrounded, yet completely alone. And, even in a pressing crowd of people, our Lord knows us, sees us, and will never neglect us.

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By Angela Johnson | March 31, 2020 The other day, my husband and I were discussing fasting and what that looks like. He had been reading in the book, “A Hunger for God,” by John Piper and came across this phrase: “Fasting awakens a hunger for the supremacy of God in all things for the…

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By: Angela Johnson The first thing my new friend said to me was, “Come on over, we will be down in the basement because my husband and boys will be upstairs and I didn’t want to kick them out.” When I arrived, my friend’s husband escorted me to the basement and I was met with…

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