Angela Johnson, MPH, BS, BSN, RN

Wife | Mother | Writer | Speaker | Educator

Angela has been married to her husband, Derrick, for 11 years. They have 3 beautiful arrows, Elliott, Elias, and Eleanor and live in Columbus, OH.

Angela holds a Master’s in Public Health, two bachelors degrees, and is a registered nurse.  Motivated to continue learning and help others, Angela left a full-time position in corporate wellness to pursue a career in nursing.  After a short time as a labor and delivery nurse, Angela felt the calling to stay home full-time with her children.  And 6 years ago, she felt a deep calling for connecting mothers and was able to begin the Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) and MOMSnext ministry at her local church.  

Angela has since transitioned out of her Coordinator position at her local ministry and now works with MOPS International as a Cohort Leader for Coordinators across the country.

Over the past few years, the Lord has given Angela a passion to share the Word of God through writing and public speaking. In this new season, God has called her to disciple women and help them grow in their faith.

Angela enjoys writing, singing, worshiping, leading Bible Study, crafting, playing outside with her kiddos, shopping, going out to dinner with her husband (without the kiddos), and spending time with friends and family.

Angela & Her Husband, Derrick
Elias | Eleanor | Elliott